SHAZZYBy: Sharon O


Let heaven come to earth, these are words that ring in my heart as I wonder what a glimpse of this would look like, I imagine it being as breathless and awe inspiring as a sunrise and sunset occurring simultaneously. A beauty that doesn’t even seem logical, take a moment and imagine if we had a heavenly perspective in all spheres of society. Imagine if like the oceans we lived limitless, like the mountains we stood firm and were unshakable and like the sky, we knew darkness was merely an indication of an even brighter day.

The majesty of who God is stops me from believing in absolute evil, light needs to be liberated from the chains and prison doors to which it is confined. This generation is born free, born into a freedom that men and women fought for even to death. We are physically free but I however think we remain prisoners to a mentality that is scarred, wounds of past injustices that bleed lies of inadequacy, conformity that we have chosen to believe. The breakthrough that we need in this day and age is one that breaks down the walls of a mentality that this life is about just getting by, or that we are slaves of our past or perhaps just lodging in our comfort zones but it is however out of these zones that the extraordinary becomes accessible, when the personification of extraordinary Jesus lives within us, He is the extra to our ordinary.

I am often amazed at what a powerful tool the mind is, on how most of the outstanding inventions and leaps of technology we marvel at in the modern world all began with an inquisitive mind that wondered if it was possible and was willing to bear the cost of finding out. One of the most beautiful things about the brain is once it is stretched it cannot return to its original form however a mind without the right perspective is as lethal as a weapon of mass destruction. Most of the global problems we face today are the result of a flawed way of thinking, “As a man thinks he is, so he is” this scripture magnifies the power of thought and perspective .We see corruption prevalent and this is the result of a mentality of dissatisfaction never being content with what we have, a mentality that values the bottom line more than it values humanity. The fallen state of humanity is a state of greed and a poverty of spirit.

A conversation I had with a friend about the perception that women are too “soft” for the cut throat world of business reminded me of the two options we often face, conformity or transformation? Do we chose to leave our “emotional” nature at the door in order to succeed or do we continue striving instead to change this perception?  I read an article this past week on the passing of Muriel Siebert , the first woman to buy a seat on the New York Stock Exchange in a time where there was literally no ladies room on the stock exchange floor. Despite the constant opposition she faced she went on to change the rules of Wallstreet often being referred to as the Wallstreet Maverick (one that refuses to abide by the dictates of others).

We need to demolish the mind-set that has put men and women in competition violating the foundation of the perfect partnership God predestined. In a moment which was the beginning of rewriting of history God used Mary and Joseph to partner in the miracle that was the birth of Jesus. Mary’s response to God of  “Let it be unto me as it is unto your will” as she gave her life to nature our saviour and Joseph ignoring insults and supporting Mary and providing direction as they both submitted to a vision greater than themselves. This complementary partnership of trust and submission continues to have an eternal effect on the world.

As seasons change and the sun shines through the fog which disappears like smoke my prayer is for the contrast between what seems possible and faith to be a myth in our hearts and we begin to be a generation whose views and perspectives shift, because the world needs us. A generation that lets our light shine, young men who love women the way God intended it to be. Young women who embrace who they are, I recently read a book called Lioness arising that draws parallels between women and the Lioness, when she arises in her majesty the atmosphere changes from peaceful to electric. In business, in politics, in medicine and in media lets be a generation that seeks to change our perspective and change the perspectives of those around us. It is not easy making the choice to be different but it’s no fun being like everyone else. Change the way a man thinks and soon who he is will change, it is however important that we choose to continually make the conscious choice to renew our minds. In the words of George Bernard Shaw, “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” It is amazing how most of the most profound quotes all point at Jesus , Let heaven come.