By:Kabelo Sebako
kabelo pic
As a narrative, our country’s story would definitely be that of an fairy tale read halfway through; characterized by the rich history carried by our ancestors,right through to our grandparents and the more recent generation – our parents.

It is our hope filled parents who taught us how to dream and through this process,relatively new to them,they themselves learned how to re-establish their fiery dreams. And that common thread has knitted a sense of practicality amongst our livelihood,unfortunately the very practicality in discussion has seen the nation lose its way in many of its objectives finding ourselves in desperate need of salvation or rather a breakthrough.

This surely raises the question of where in the country’s many commitments could we focus our efforts on,but that would leave us short sighted of many other issues – most of which begin with ourselves,individual progression that leads to a positive collective effort.

So it is all possibly a question of reinstating our morals and not having to look at many other complexities.