By: Sharon OSHAZZY


I want to dream so loud that the echoes of my dreams bring answers to questions that are yet to be asked, solutions to problems before they arise, I want to dream dreams that will free nations from the captivity of the poverty mentality, as the salvation that my Saviour deemed worthy of His very life finally becomes fully alive in me and I become that city on a hill whose light cannot be hidden because it brings refuge to those society deems unworthy.

I used to think that success for me meant being rich, having so many rooms in my home that I would get lost or perhaps more cars than garages. I have realised that those dreams are not loud enough. They are mere whispers centred around me so now my biggest dream is that of SUCCESS WITH SIGNIFICANCE. I dream of being significant of living a life so spent because the price for it was paid on the cross, a life poured out that the living waters flow beyond the borders of me and my own and bring life in its fullness. I dream of developing methods around sustainable finance for Africa that will lift the burden of poverty that is upon our shoulders.

I dream of Godly principles governing the corporate, that corporate social investment becomes a norm that is not an obligation but loving our neighbours as ourselves . Where each company, organisation, institution and church globally adopts an impoverished country and runs a project of social development annually however big or small. The ripple effects of small efforts make a difference kind of like the way particles of water can combine in different forms and result in rain or metamorphasise and result in catastrophic disasters, so influence is only as good as the hands to which it is entrusted. I remember having a conversation with a stranger at the airport on poverty in Africa and he mentioned how in biblical times we did not hear about this, hence I believe it is time for Godly governance. I dream of starting quarterly forums with different representatives from industry where we engage on such ideas and their feasibility. I dream of starting a hands on mentorship program to empower women that bridges the gap between the corporate and university that encourages young woman to think deeply and dream. Facilitating conversations giving these young women an opportunity to learn from someone in the field, as this is something I wish to have had the opportunity to be involved in. In the beginning it may be brunch on Saturday with five girls and me and my friends from varsity who are just starting out in the corporate world, it has to start somewhere.

I dream of speaking life to people and seeing the same hope that makes me come alive do the same for them. I dream of the sound of my dreams stirring up flames into fires, each of us have that flame because we were all created in our Fathers likeness that cries out for more.

I dream of dreaming even louder than this! Higher than this! Deeper than this!