By: Nkateko Silinda



(Reign In Sanguinary Era)

The sun was accustomed to set on women who submitted themselves to abuse and oppression in order to protect their children and their own well being. The twentieth century has brought about the need for women to rise above their circumstances and hold the business and corporate bull by its horns. The need is even greater in developing countries such as our own, South Africa. The absence of information and strong will still torment and dominates the so called ‘weaker sex’, the same women who bare the pain of birth, emotional abuse, sexual abuse and the responsibility of taking care of a family are considered weak, ironic.

Men, in prehistoric cultures were providers and caretakers, but it’s evident in toady’s society that those roles have ceased to function. According to the United Nations Department of Public Information, one in every four households in the world is headed by a woman. The same woman who is expected to stay at home and remain uneducated is now expected to feed and sustain a family. It is therefore crucial for women to RISE. Many quote religion and culture to justify their approach towards women, framing them as inferior and expecting them to submit to the ‘superior sex’. It is unfortunate that most men over the centuries have used their strength and advantage over women to sexually, emotionally, physically abuse them instead of protecting and providing for them. Research from around the world estimate that twenty to fifty per cent of women experience some degree of domestic violence in their marriage. Women have subsequently taken enough and have made it a point to gain independence and live a decent life.

RISE stands for, Reign in Sanguinary Era. The women of 09 August 1956 and many others have shed blood for women to take their place in the throne as leaders, mothers, and ground breakers. The torch has been lit its time to continue breaking the mould. Education remains the key to open the locks of doors that have been specifically locked for women. The future belongs to those who are willing to work hard and take on great projects without fear. Unlike other spheres in life the business and corporate world does not require physical strength or certain level of testosterone to be conquered, the brain and determination will suffice.


I was inspired by the new age and how women have more rights and roles to play in society.



United Nations Department of Public
Information DPI/1862/Rev.2