Mvuselelo Dyabazamvuselo


“If you don’t dream who are you fooling and if you don’t invasion yourself too high, who are you helping, stop shrinking just dare and dream louder”….

I grew up in a different era in a different environment than Johannesburg or the City life. Growing up dreams were actually related to fantasies and visions were nothing but being silly. In that it was so hard to dream louder or even to dream!

“My vision is bigger than my current situation, my dreams are much important than what I see now. I won’t stop dreaming I am a visionary”…

Fears of dreaming were the major part of life. Being scared to dream made some of us, me included to be inferior.

All that had to stop as I began to understand life a little different and as I mature.  When I began to view life differently. Now I have dreams, I have a (DDA… Dream Driven Attitude). I dare to dream and I dare to challenge those things which stand or intend to stand on my way.

“I hate not to live according to my purpose, I hate even more not to know my purpose”…

My dreams have not yet came true but I have faith and I’m doing all I can to make sure that happens. I’m working on my dreams, I push, I hustle, I try, I do, I ask, I network, I participate and I pray more above all. Life has no guarantees and that being said I refuse to live a life of mediocrity.

Raising above Mediocrity:

The greatest moments of our lives are measured by our greatest temptations and our baroness of sorrow and pain! We fight because we are being chased by the worse enemies of times! We don’t retreat because we aware and know or rather have an idea where we want to be in the future! God has plans for us! Our stand point should not be discouraged by troubles of now! As we go through life these are the things we are to come across! Should we retreat? Run away? No….!! We fight with a smile on our faces and being faithful that we shall make it even if it will take us to death; but situations will be transformed to revelations and testimonies. All because we fight a good fight of faith, as we not  fighting against flesh and blood.

I am a writer, I dream of being one of the best authors of our time, so then I work on my grammar, power of my words and in everything that has to do with writing. I dream of being a great leader, so then I do what I know how, that is being a pioneer and champion in every field I take or given. I start things and I make sure they live and have some effect and impact in the lives of many people.

I love to inspire people, so then I make sure I read books that are full of wisdom and those books that always challenges my IQ. I love to motivate and advice people. Then as I read these books I also watch TV channels, with limits, that are relevant such as National Geographic and others…

I limit myself in watching TV and spending most of my time in things that have no attraction to where I want to go and things that have no value or adding no value in me whatsoever. I choose my association and those that advices me.

I spend my time doing positive things like helping one person at a time, in whichever way I could. Sometimes I give money, sometimes my words of encouragement, and my love with compassion.

Sometimes I feel like I Dream A Little Louder than the rest. I want to finish four different Degrees so far which seems as crazy to think about yet do-able. I’m looking forward to publish my first book that is when I do get a publisher which I believe I will. Already the book is done written!

“One of my fears is to never become what I was created to be”…

I want to liberate others with my most daring moments of life. As I’ve been overshadowed by life issues and hard times, I still refuse to fail. I refuse to live my life in regretting what I could have done right or that way. I believe I’m too young to let go and give up. I don’t want to lie; time came where I wanted to give in and give up. Time came where I hated life because of the worse it brought to my life.

Time came where I had no hope, until God remained my only hope. Looking to Jesus was all I got as it is still all I have. Every time I’m encountering problems in life, when life hit me left and right, I just look to Jesus….. For I know He is the author and finisher of my faith. God will never leave me nor forsake me.

I walk in confidence as if I have it all. Having God is enough for me. I walk so tall, dreaming like there is no tomorrow. I have a God-given dreams that will uplift and will up me. I am not ashamed to be a Christian, I make sure that is know, whether through my conduct or through the words I speak with my mouth, they say a lot about who am I!

Dreams are suppose to scare you away, if they don’t, I guess you haven’t dream louder than the rest. When your dreams become a threat to others, when they become fearsome, when they become a director of your conduct, then you just know you have a dream.

Dream should be mix with faith and patience, because time comes where dreams seem to be just dreams and seem like they will remain just dreams forever. Even so that is not true. I will Dream Louder and live louder in my dreams. God’s blessings are already overpowering me.

Hold your God given dream, never stop dreaming, as God willing all will be well with your soul….I dare you…..

Be blessed