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By Kanyisa Lombo   537740_3735095110914_826933514_n

At 22 did I ever imagine I would be where I am today? Yes most probably, being at UCT putting together the final pieces that are to begin the rest of my future. All the puzzles seem to fit but missing the one thing every girl dreams to have “accomplished “by the final year of varsity, LOVE. In my utopia I would have my prince charming next to me and ready to marry me once I finish with my academics.

It seems like life had other plans for me, well it’s a shock to the system to find out things are not going to work out as planned with your high school sweet heart of 6 years. That was the time when I had to re-shuffle the schedule, make adjustments and see where the road takes me. I had to all of a sudden dream new dreams, suddenly find a new Mr Right to quickly fill up the gap that just opened up. After such a life changing experience I could’ve edited my dream to be somewhat close to the original one I had or adjust it to the current market conditions out there. Well I could’ve decided to go out there and look for another prince charming that matched the exact qualities of my first love which I soon realised is near impossible. The other option was to write off the male species in my life and expect that all men are the same quality just different brands. Trying to avoid being another statistic hurt by love, I channelled my dreams in another direction, focusing more on my career and relationship with God. It was at this moment when it dawned to me that maybe that part of my dream was too ordinary, too mediocre, too common compared to the plans that He had for me.

“Sometimes we hold on to something so long and so tight that when God wants it back from us, He needs to hurt us to get it back” said some Saint somewhere. The truth behind this statement is that we are so blinded by what we have or what we’ve gone through that we forget that there is more in store for us. We limit our dreams and what we are capable of because of where we come from, our race, current situations, financial constraints and narrow mindedness. If we were to look up and look beyond the current situations, think outside of our own mindsets because dreams know no financial boundaries, they know no race and they know no impossibilities. I had to realise that life is not only about the dreams and aspirations I have for myself but also how those dreams line up with the bigger destiny that is in store for me.

The bigger the dreams we dream, the greater the reality when realised. The youth of 1976 are the perfect example of this. In their graves lies untapped potential of dreams unlived, dreams unimaginable. What would they do with the opportunities that we have?  Would they dwell so much on past hurts that they are too blind to realise that what they had dreamt of has become a reality. Is the reality of their dreams so unbelievable that none of us are willing to take advantage of the opportunities that we have? Like a soul hurt because of a loved one lost, we dwell on memories of what could’ve been if things worked out the way we planned but the reality is that there had to be road works and construction to your path in order to pave way for a highway to success. The important thing during the re-paving and waiting, is that you do not lose sight of what your dreams are and not to adjust your standards because of little hiccups that appear along the way.

They say if you want God to laugh, sit down and tell Him all your plans. I think He laughs not because He thinks our plans are stupid but He laughs because He is probably thinking “Is that all you think you can do?” I cannot imagine how many chuckles He’s had because of me and how many fist palms He’s made because of the detours I chose to take.  This made me realise that His plans are even bigger than the ones we have for ourselves. So what if I want to take the corporate world by storm, start youth projects that cultivate talent, write poetry to my heart’s desire? So what if I want to get my MBA, start businesses and become an employer. So what if I want to have a God fearing man beside me, add to His Kingdom by multiplying and sprinkle knowledge on my young ones? …So I’ll keep on dreaming knowing His plans are bigger that what I have in mind.