Every beginning almost foresees its end
And at the end shall we look in retrospect
To marvel at God for how we began
It may not seem plausible ‘cause of the magnitude of our dreams
But observe for yourself: After every while someone sets a trend
Through endurance, goals and dreaming crazily, more than anything else

So dream on, make the dreams bigger than ever before!
The things about dreams is that there’s hope
And with every goal achieved, to your dream you’re ever so close!
Follow a few rules though: Is the dream selfish, does it praise God?
Nothing worth doing does not have God on top
If it does not, it’s not worth dying, never mind living for.

Keep faith, let faith’s strange, ludicrous ways propel you
Let them encourage you –
At every stumble let the impact of your dream strengthen you
Then tell the dream to a few souls around you
Make yourself accountable to realising it!
Reach your destiny… and then walk on…

*I pray to God that my current dreams be not limitations and a parking lot for the potential within me. After achieving the dream I have, I shall set upon the path of realising the next dream – even the ones after that one! Leaving earth will be the only thing stopping me in my tracks to be used to make better anything with value.

peuf_20120303_25018      All by God through N. R. Mofokeng