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kabelo pic     By Kabelo Sebako

Amidst all the technological advances, the idea of embracing a more natural process of communication is steadily on the decline. I start off with this view simply because no form of social progression can replace the effect we have over each other as souls first, then as individuals. Contrary to the idea captured by the first sentence, I too believe I was born for such a time. I was born to embrace the fast paced times we share, but at what cost?

I start with the premise that true gratification of our existence lies in not what we believe we can be, but rather how we value other people’s contribution, through subliminal influence, to the people we grow up to become.
This is not, however, an easy practice under modern day circumstances because we have or are learning to fail the importance of understanding the key to ethical conduct.

Our words and actions suggest we cannot act according to reasonable principals. It has become a case of my way or no way at all, and this factor is eating away at our character as individuals, with moral virtue being the heavy price. I believe the battle lies in finding common ground between acting accordingly and unacceptable behaviour. The two extremes can only be leveraged by people having a clear idea of one’s moral worth; this should be our first proposition of sensible morality. However, a thin lies between understanding the differences and accepting them.

The issue of misunderstanding has been the subject of much of the social discourse the world is faced with. Surely curiosity which has resulted in tragedies can be redirected and channelled positively for the greater good.

I believe all the world asks of us is to treat humanity as an end and never as just a means. The idea in this is that we as human beings are an end in ourselves and that no action that makes us disrespect each other is universal law. I was born; we were born in a time such as this for a reason. Let us help each other find the purpose and refrain from discrediting the validity of each other’s purpose.