neo picBy Neo Mofokeng

This is a true story. It happened to me and also to you.
“Boom!” It happened. With no warning I can recall was I on earth here,
War – pride – death = yes evil everywhere!
Overwhelmed, full of complaints, especially after getting saved,
Reading The Word, knowing that what was to be is the opposite of what we see.
Rape – hate – many a man down-at-heel,
And many wealthy men drowning and breathing, held under siege by sin.
Disappointed, I’m worried that the average Christian doesn’t see more coming
This part is still only the beginning. The rest, worse is yet to come.

We pray every day, faithfully, at that, that God take it all away.
Alas. What a waste of breath and time when you read ‘bout the final times’.
Yes; you and I, fashioned, designed, sculptured, prioritised for the
time of Christ.
When He is to come a second turn.
Hear us weep: “Lord how, Lord why this pain, this disaster, such ruin
in the world?”
Then we call: “Lord come, take us away now, heaven’s peace is all we want now!”

We need to realise: We’ve been called to work change the hearts of
man, not the earth.
Born for a time of horrendous strife with a task to evangelise!
The salvation of Christ you and I have been called to preach near and afar –
Never  will the world be more ripe than here and now.
Born for a time of a tremendous want for what is good:
I was born to excel in God’s worship in a time of horrors such as these!