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Dear reader,

This month we bring you our most heart moving edition yet. As we celebrate a generation, times past, the present and what is to come, we say ” I was made for a time such as this”. Our writers explore their lives and share with us how God has brought them thus far. I believe it is Oscar Wilde who once said “I have to be myself, everyone is already taken”. This phrase rings true when one unpacks the magic within this edition, as it educates us that we ought to be the best version of ourselves despite our situations. That said, I find it essential to reiterate the vision of Inspired4writers:

Inspired4writers seeks to act as a hub of trust, a beacon of hope, an empowerment tool for the global youth, but more importantly; it is a platform to advance God’s kingdom and ignite the message of Christ in the changing world. It is fundamentally about people, telling our stories and going to the depth that society so often ignores. In this sanctuary we are not afraid to “go there” and even buy property while we explore “there”. This blog aims to challenge the ways in which things are done and ignite a spirit to excel.

Who we ought to be for me is summed up in 2 Corinthians 5:20 “we are ambassadors for Christ”, simply meaning that I am just an instrument for his peace and a representative for his Kingdom on earth. That knowledge alone should dictate my job.

This is the mantra we live up to and this edition is nothing short of that.

This month, inspired4writers brings you not one, but two exclusive interviews with South Africans who are, to put in mildly “doing big things”. We speak to Raelene Rorke and Zano Sithetho, from whom one can learn plenty. From education to self and business, our writers explore the different interpretations of the theme. As our vision articulates, we are going “there”.

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Jabulile Mpanza