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How does one take over from a legend?

Those are the words that continuously rang in my head when Kabelo first approached me about the post of editor of this blog. How, I asked myself do I pick up the baton from a man I so admire? Predictably so, my reluctance and hesitation took the better of me and I asked for “some time”.

Throughout the past few months, I have probed Kabelo with questions, tried to persuade him to stay, Made sure I was busy each time he called and even attempted to make him feel guilty about his decision. I even went as far as declaring my black female status, lack of journalistic experience and fear as plausible excuses and solid barriers to entry. It is only until I realised that there was only one being who knew what I had to do. It is him after all who knows my entire destiny. I turned to the one who renews my strength and guides my steps. I called God and thank God he showed up with an answer!

God reminded me that he is still in control and holds the fountain from which my power is drawn. His word brought into remembrance that I am chosen and with him, nothing is impossible. Kabelo is a size 7 foot, so his shoes are going to be too big to fill regardless of how much I stretch my feet (believe me, I have tried).  The point is that this is a new pair and the cut is different, yet the quality is the same.

As the baton has been passed on, it sits very close to my heart and I carry it with much love and care. It glittered already and requires a team to ensure its continuity. For me, inspired4writers is about the messages of hope and motivation it imparts in my heart. It is about the ordinary people we encounter daily whose stories have taken residence in our conversations. On this very same note, I would like to encourage those interesting in sharing their content with use to drop us an e-mail at inspired4writers@gmail.com.

Editing this blog is an opportunity that I do not take lightly, hence the slight changes one may notice throughout the year.  The first of these changes is the transition that the blog will be taking from a monthly edition to a bi-monthly one. The cause for this is to keep our content as rich as possible and ensure that the quality of writing gracing our screens is of a high standard. Furthermore, a majority of our writers are students, thus it gives them more time to write up great material without interrupting their studies. That said; we will be opening up a wildcard feature on the blog that will give our writers an opportunity to send through any “burning” articles, poems and commentrary during the month. This will ensure that the more time dependent pieces are published as soon as they are sent through. Moreover, it is my desire and one that I have expressed to our most prominent writers that we continue to not be afraid to tackle the issues that make us cringe. Call me a vandal or a rebel child, but I openly want to encourage content that is thought-provoking, raises debate and almost forces us to engage in the conversations that tend to make us uncomfortable.

It is my belief and experience that informs me that such topics not only shape our thinking and maturity, but that they also help us to grow and understand one another more. I am by no means implying that we bash our governments, condemn our churches or express hatred towards our society, but that we raise awareness and critique about the happenings in this world. I am a firm believer that through platforms such as these, we may be able to raise a generation that is equally compassionate and passionate about the people of this world.

This month we have themed our edition “a new season” and explore it in our various features. Read about the happenings in Manguang, the essence of education, acquiring that new face, our exclusive interview with a world changer and relax with our stimulating poetry. I hope we have significantly enticed you to read our material and it is my prayer that it finds a place in your heart.