By Neo Mofokeng

Apart from the arrangement in: day, month and especially year
There is but nothing new in every one of the days.
That which once was two turns ago shall yet again resurface,
Leaving its current housing and treading on to where
Yet another person will experience it.
Although a lot of eras I’ve not seen before,
‘Tis not the first time they’ll wash up on a life’s shore.

And with the uncertainty of life it may be proved again,
As it is quite often at many turns,
That a season one has not met one becomes enslaved to.
Because yes, at any rate, there may be no way to ascertain
Whether today’s deeds and happenings will fix how tomorrow ends.

Therefore when entering into a season tantamount for you to virgin lands:
Acknowledge first, something similar to a new season is here at last
And so you can expect things foreign to your knowledge to manifest.
Bask in it! For little life’s sake.
What is here today cannot be sure of a return on any tomorrow.
Live right here right now. Respond responsibly to every element of every season
YOLO even! There’s some sort of sense in living if it’s for maturity.

And at the end of every season you’ll see it.
If you don’t drown in the goings on of one season you’ll see it:
The blurred starting line of a new time to get seasoned and more equipped.
Take on every time with a smile and objective viewpoint sometimes.
The end of it all at some point should well qualify why it came to be at all!
Seasons lived with reason: A life lived and purpose driven.

*This poem is structured around Ecclesiastes 1 verse 9:
“The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which
is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under
the sun.” King James Version of the Holy Bible.