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Dear reader,

This month sees me bowing out as the editor of Inspired4Writers. The decision comes after months of prayers and meditation. It is now time for the next step!

This gift, I will always credit, was birthed through a simple conversation I had with a friend. Since then, tidal waves of Lessons have poured out from it. We were there for an engagement and then a marriage, witnessing the establishing of careers and a young mother’s testimony about coming through her depressing experience. From stories about attaining academic excellence to a bipolar confession; reading the entire Bible in 6 days to shedding light on our environmental crisis; traveling to India, Paris, South Korea, Scotland + Lesotho to opening up about the ache of losing a Loved one. This, and a whole lot more, is the pattern we established: sharing some of the best and worst of ourselves.

The aim was to use this platform as a creative hub for learning and teaching. Receiving and passing on our experiences for the purpose of initiating Fruitful thoughts and conversations. It also grew into another positive way we can employ social networks!

This month is the Thanksgiving Edition, the final one I have edited, and the invitation was extended to our writers & readers to share their Gratitude Notes for this year with you.

We also bring you an Exclusive Interview with the highest selling vocalist in South Africa: Lira! Read what she thinks of her success, the five-year plan, performing at President Barack Obama’s Inauguration next month, what Oprah personally told her and the day God answered her prayers!

I am Grateful for you, all those that have contributed to this gift. Gratitude has no depth to convey what your contributions have meant to both I and the readers all over the world! You didn’t have to take Inspired4Writers to some of your life’s most defining experiences, but you did. I enjoyed conversing with each of the writers respectively about what literary feast they could cook up. I am Grateful for all the people I made friends with through this gift & I look forward to your futures and still engaging in fruitful conversation. I see some of you have even started your own blogs – Trust me, I’m there and enjoying your content!
It has always come down to one thing for me: when Christ said “everything is possible to him that believes” [Mark 9: 23]. From the Exclusive Interviews with some of the most celebrated South African youth of our time: Platinum selling musicians to leading actors, a beauty queen to acclaimed poets; to our site being viewed in 85 different countries, over 16 500 times – I am Grateful that you believed with me.

Philip Stanhope once said “you cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore” and so, dear friends, I have committed myself to sailing these new oceans. 3rd year is going to be highly demanding and forms a major part of my putting down the editing pen.

New editor: Jabulile Mpanza.

New editor: Jabulile Mpanza.

I am Passionately excited to introduce to you the new editor: my dear friend, Jabulile Mpanza. In good time, those of you who don’t know her yet will come to know this fiercely ambitious and compassionate lady. She also so happens to be doing her Honors degree in Politics, Philosophy & Economics next year … So she knows some stuff!

Wishing you all the Will of God in 2013.

With Love,
Kabelo Khanye.