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ThandzyBy: Thanduxolo Bhuti.

Another Day

Today the weather in Johannesburg has shown its other face and it’s not pretty. The sky is pregnant with heavy storms and the rain refuses to make way for the sun. As I sit next to the window I can see the water drops as they hit my window seal. I’m glad I don’t have any business to attend to otherwise I would be forced to show my face to the world and me and the rain have never been the best of buddies lately. My life has been blessed and cursed with so much rain and thunder storms this year, which may be one of the reasons I have developed a love and hate relationship with the rain.

It’s hard to believe that the year is about to fold and make way for yet another year. In June, I never thought I would live to see another day but here I am still standing firm and unmoved. The year unfolded so beautifully. I got a job as a writer at one of the most respected Media Houses in South Africa and for the first time in my life things were really looking up. I had failed a couple of subjects but that couldn’t bring my spirit down. Despite failing a few subjects I was sure that I could have victory this time around. My journey to success was filled with roses and I could smell my dreams finally coming to life.

Everything was happening so fast and I could feel myself slowly becoming anxious. I was juggling school and work and the load was slowly becoming unbearable. Coming from a family where ‘quitting’ was never a used word, I had to be strong and hope that things will fall into place. While I was trying to find balance between school and work I could feel a huge dark cloud coming towards me. Darkness was never a foreign place to me but this time I could feel that the clouds were carrying a heavy storm. My intuition proved to be true; it was the storm that would blow me away. I would find myself defeated and trying to cling on to life, and by the time I had gathered enough strength to stand I had lost it all. 

In the darkness it’s hard to see the light but all you have to do is stay strong and believe. Like Maya Angelou always says “When God presents you with a challenge, say thank you for it’s an opportunity to grow”. There were moments where I wanted to stop the pain and I thought of the easiest way out. I could see myself becoming a coward. Sometimes the pain got so loud that I could barely hear myself think and I could feel my voice slowly slipping away from me. But I held on to myself tighter than ever before and soon I could see the light making its way to me.

Sitting next to the window watching the rain drops I can’t help but be thankful that I have an opportunity to see another day. Most of all, I’m grateful for all the storms for making me appreciate this gift of life even more. I could see now I am 20 feet tall and I am ready for yet another chapter of my life. With love, faith and hope I know that no storm has the power to blow me away. I am standing tall and I know as long as I always keep my feet on the ground, nothing can blow me away.