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14384_474577882593453_1616366316_nBy: Sel Kute.


Though sometimes alone.

Sometimes fault-laden.

Sometimes deviating from the rigors of perfection.

Sometimes a burden of their own light-emitting and partially mythical image

Exist. Harmlessly glide.

All through this dream-speared atmosphere,

feeding from the energies of the tangible and intangible sources of inspiration.

Sources of inspiration.

Its from those beaming lights of purpose do these spirits harness their infectious and radiant potential. Allowing for the legless waltz from time frame to time frame, grinless smiles from euphoric plains to cluttered cheeks with rosy stains

These spirits, are my irreplaceable sources of inspiration to endure the strife of this seemingly question-seeking life

And so I introduce these happily married couple of words, Thank-you. 

Thank you to the various spirits that congregate the slightly stained halls of my life.

Spirits in the form of delightful springs of happiness.

Namely, the individuals I deem to be friends, family, intriguing acquaintances and lesson-filled enemies and post-friends one has the pleasure of assessing.

These spirits give this question-seeking life a purpose, the purpose of chronic growth, constant light.

Thank you.

To the spirits that glide harmlessly through the contours of this question-seeking life, I say continue. We must. It’s the only alternative to non-existence.