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peuf_20120303_25018By: Neo Mofokeng.

… And so for 2012 I Thank God

In 1991 I was born and continue to be raised in a God-fearing family.

Growing up I still am being taught that God is (as He should be) my only hope. In 2010 I found myself in Johannesburg, in the University Of Johannesburg. There I was, a young man awestruck by the language, the fashion, the people and indeed the manners and how they varied in that place. However, with the hopes of becoming an authority in the disciplines of Political Science or Development Studies I soldiered on with much lack in self-assurance and courage. Spending three years there with neither confidence, nor deep pockets nor a scholarship – all I knew was that God was in control at my every turn. And here lay the fact that 2012 was to be a defining year for my biography: spiritually and academically. Where one to read about my life after I die and skip the chapter “2012”, that person shall have missed a big chunk of the backdrop of my life. I say this because in 2012 God appointed me as Deputy Youth Leader at my local church: a blessing, a responsibility, an experience to refine me as God’s child.

In 2012, I also completed my first undergraduate degree, obtained a scholarship to do my Honors degree in Development Studies and also be offered a position as a tutor for 2013 in that same discipline. The year 2012 was for me a year of discovering the greatness and a part of the purpose for which God fashioned me. I got closer to my family, through pains, closer to my friends through prayers, joys and the Word of God. Most of all, I got closer to God who held my hand through it all. If any man were to claim that of his own accord hath he devised any means to succeed, that man shall have epitomized the folly of the human species.  And so for these few blessings I’ve mentioned and all of those I could not mention, I am grateful to God for the year 2012.