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269572_274091179378366_1791231290_nBy: Mvusi Dee.

What a year this has been!

People have spoken so much about 2012 as a year of destruction: I wouldn’t debate that or disagree whatsoever. Moreover, indeed it has been a tough year for me yet I was taught to look for greatness in every worse situation of life. 2012 is one year that I’ve learned to be grateful in the mist of the hardest times of my life as a man, both in my spiritual and private life.

My first gratitude’s shall go to God for making all this possible even for me to write this …

I’m so grateful for the life I have, even though it’s not a perfect or glamorous or fabulous and beautiful life one may possess. I’m very grateful for the mercy of God upon my life even though I know I don’t deserved it, however I’m so grateful … I’m so grateful that God has used me as a channel of His glory and greatness. Through that I’ve inspired so many people, some have told me, some have told others about me and some have personally asked me to mentor them. That was nothing but an honor and humbling to hear.

I’ve learned to be content and appreciate the ‘little’ I have for now so I can be able to appreciate the bigger and greater things in the future.

I’m grateful because I also learned this:

“Respect the wisdom of a man you don’t like and take notice of the word of a man you don’t understand, through him you might learn the mysteries of life” ~Mvusi Dee

I am much grateful for a couple of things which some people might not be or find it weird to be grateful for. God has blessed me this year with the increase of knowledge and exposure to the world of writers and beyond. This year I’ve been studying the word of God (bible) for one theme: which is “our position in the Kingdom of God.” Till this, day I am still on that theme.

I’ve got to understand so many things about how strong I am and how much power I posses while I’ve been told that I was weak and lame  … through all this, I’m grateful that God showed me things that I never knew existed and things I never knew about myself.

I’m grateful for the favor of life I have because of God’s grace and love. The friends I met this year and those I was able to make via social networks both nationally and internationally! The knowledge I’ve gained through all these people from different backgrounds has taught me the power of living on this earth and the power of my vision and purpose!

The growth I’ve encountered this year is beyond any other year! I got some really crazy jobs where some of them I worked for 19 hours a day to a job that left me with an injury and permanent scar in the heart. Today I’m walking with crushes, my hands are hurting because I’m not used to them and the frustration is trying to rise yet I know better!

I’m still so grateful because I have learnt and am still learning of the pain that the crippled people are going through in their lives, despite a lot of them might being used to it.

I’m grateful that my sister, after years of struggling to get a school or going to school, she got a great learnership at Transnet and she is loved dearly there. I’ve managed to draw many people closer to God this year than ever before. The group/organisation I’ve started at my Church: a group of young men, which is called Brotherhood Fraternity and Social, it has grown so amazingly towards the end of this year and I’m so grateful for that. I know it is not my power or wisdom but God’s power and anointing that has drawn such a number of brothers. Through my endurance of the hard life, as I grew up in the dry rural areas of Eastern Cape, I also became a mentor of many young men of which I see the progress in their lives both spiritually and beyond. Sometimes this is just overwhelming.

I’m grateful for the success of my friends who are making it to the top, that I give God the glory! The growth of my Church media, of which I’m honored to be a part of: from our production and its leadership to the NewsLetter that I’ve started together with my Church Media Director Lindela Menziwa, which is out on a monthly basis. It has become a success within a short time even though we still perfecting everything else.

I’m very grateful that today my blogging has more subscribers and readers than ever before. I’ve published so many of my works on line (my articles and so on). My blog: http://mvusi1.wordpress.com. I’m grateful for my involvement or contribution in Write&Share group based in the UK (http://www.writeandshare.co.uk/members/mvusi).

I’m humbled and grateful for the honor of being approached by Share a Learning from the USA to share my work and particularly my quotes! http://www.sharealearning.com, to educate others globally.

I’m so inspired and grateful for the recognition of what I love the most which is my writing. I’ve never thought that Google would recognize a boy from the rural areas but today I know it.

I’m also grateful that I’m part of Inspired4writers, it is a privilege and I thank Sandile Sanza Mtshali for the recommendation of this group.

I’m also grateful for the return of the girl I truly love Mazo Dee, she has been a blessing in my life even though we were apart for some time. Yet five years loving the same person isn’t something you can just play around with. I’m grateful to be with her again and I pray that from now on our lives will go as God leads us.

I’m so grateful for my cousin/sister who has collected many awards at her matric level, for being a top student.

This year I’ve become a leader and I have shocked myself! I’ve learned so much about leadership and this quote is one of the quotes I’ve come up with:

“Leadership is not genetic nor inherited but it is built and molded in a person’s life; it is nurtured and discovered through practices”~Mvusi Dee  

I’m grateful for the unconditional love of God and the love of my family and friends through the toughest times of my life.

I thank God for this year and I’m looking forward to the year 2013 … bye to 2012!

Be Blessed