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532714_10151019850006522_815703342_nBy: Mosa Ramosa.

The year 2012 has indeed been a memorable year in itself! I am so thankful and ever so grateful to the LORD as well as the growth which I have experienced (spiritually and mentally). I am also thankful for both the challenging and good times that I have been through this year, those times have truly been a blessing to have encountered what life has presented with this year (the ups and the downs, as well as the good and bad).

Life is not smooth all the time – it is a slippery slope and one needs to endure the challenging times as those challenging times build one up and makes them stronger; therefore one appreciates what they have been blessed with. It is irrelevant to dwell on what you don’t have as it is a waste of time, instead, make the most of your situation and make the most of the resources availed to you.

I look forward to experiencing more growth, more of the good and the challenging times in 2013! I look forward to more opportunities in serving in whatever way that I can in 2013! I am truly humbled and ever so thankful to have been a part of 2012 … and 2013 – Here I come with a BANG!

Much Love,