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247935_3831987397712_915963916_nBy: Bonolo Dikane.

You’re probably rolling your eyes at the sight of the title or you’re simply uninterested. You probably think it’s another one of those “preacher” sermons that seem to remind us painstakingly of how we should live our lives. Alternatively, you’re probably interested to know what another human being has to say about such an erudite subject.

Mine is to bare testament of what a life of Gratitude encompasses. Ever received a gift from someone and when you’ve opened it, it was something you actually wanted? Seriously? How many times has that happened to you?

It has happened to me ALL the time. I am not even talking about just materialistic possessions … I remember specifically wanting “peace of mind.” I know right? Like who asks for “peace of mind” when you can ask for R1 000 000? In this busy life, it means so much more, peace of mind tends to return tangible dividends. Events took place on a Divine schedule. I had no control. That was the beauty of it all. Letting go gave me peace of mind, a juxtaposition that still does not make sense.

I am grateful for my GOD and the knowledge of knowing that there exists a Super power that knows my flaws and still chooses to love me regardless.

I am grateful that even if I do get to the next life and realize that there was never a GOD, that I lived a good life regardless.

I am grateful for TRIALS: a mentor of mine once advised me to pray for trials. I thought they were crazy! Until I understood that it is through trials that the character of one is truly tested. My favorite story is that of a righteous man called Job, he lost everything and still praised his GOD. His Character was not only chastened but refined.

I am grateful for my dreams. No matter how small or insignificant they may seem, they are mine and the right to even possess them brings me so much more satisfaction.

I am grateful for daily breath! How many times do we notice that we are even still breathing? Did you know, according to research that 151,650 on average people die everyday worldwide! This number has obviously changed since this research was conducted but one thing I am grateful for is that I have not made the cut. My life has not yet been reduced to a number. I reiterate-I am grateful for daily breath!

There are innumerous things I could name because I am entirely blessed. However these are the few things that are constant reminders of what a life of GRATITUDE brings. It brings in more. Opens more. Allows more. It is a life of more.

This is what I am entirely grateful for. If I had to lose ALL that I claim to have overnight, it is the Peace of Mind that will get me through.

Life to me is not about “Happily-ever-after”­ but about “Grateful-ever-after “.

Love. Joy. Pleasure. Delight. Bliss. Appreciation. Excitement. Happiness. All of these words and more can be encompassed in this one word: GRATITUDE!