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IMG_4336By: Bethany Pitt.

What am I grateful for at the end of the year 2012? Gosh … what a question.

I am grateful for the wonderful family and friends who have been with me through this year. They have loved me, grown me, challenged me, hurt me and supported me as no other groups of people have. They are God’s constant gift to me, even when at times these same relationships have their challenges.

I am grateful to the Lord for opening up my eyes a little, to see the needs of those less fortunate and privileged than myself. He opened up opportunities to then help and support these people in supportive environments, such as the underprivileged school I helped out at once a week during the last six months of this year.

I am grateful for the job opportunities that opened up this year: from being a bankrupt and stressed out student at the beginning of January, unable to support myself, to the competent and independent woman I am now, I give thanks to an awesome Lord.  Work began to flood in from February and sometimes there were disappointments and sometimes I landed the various jobs offered. Throughout it all, God provided for my needs each and every day and taught me wisdom and a little more generosity each month in handling the money I was blessed with.

I am grateful for passing second year at university. I didn’t do this on my own strength and the glory all goes to God as university work was being balanced with many other projects and commitments. I had many moments of tears and depression when I believed that university was not where I should be and that I would be far better off working fulltime. I must admit that studying has never been a passion of mine and never will be. Life is too short, in my opinion, to spend it studying various enormous textbooks when the world is waiting to be changed through action.

Lastly, I am grateful to have found a deep passion and talent for women’s ministry. Here lies my pathway in some years to come. Lives can be changed and tools to empower Christian women are given through teaching and training in the gospel. I get to be part of this spiritual revival and I am blessed to be used as a servant of Christ.

So as I am packing a large bag in preparation for one of the most epic youth camps, starting tomorrow, I find myself overwhelmed with God’s goodness and generosity in my life. He has truly seen me through 2012 and has seen me grow and mature. I honestly cannot find it in myself to ask Him for more. He has done far more for me than I will ever be able to repay and that’s where the wonderful word ‘grace’ comes into the picture. I serve an awesome God.

THANK-YOU Lord for getting me though 2012!