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409742_3538279897502_1100221420_nBy: Aaron Jones.

My gratitude seems to appear most from my conscience or whatever that thing is called that makes me feel guilty (besides my mom).

After spending a week on Matric vacation and discovering indians who khuluma as well as hearing a young Zulu man call me ‘boet’, I was astonished by the intricacies of language difference. I learned many words, each with varying meanings. One of these peculiar terms is “bat.” In context, receiving or giving bat is the equivalent of being told or telling someone NO. How many of us are truly grateful for the ‘bat’ we’ve received, or even the maybe’s that never ever materialized.

“Thank you dear Jesus for …” seems to be the template all my prayers start with but I never ever seem to complete that sentence with an attitude of gratitude towards what I never received. My 12/12/12 12:12 resolution is as simple as this: “Thank you Jesus for not …”

While there are many things I am thankful for, such as housing, clothing and a great smile, I feel that I should put more emphasis on what never was simply because the desires of my heart are not what might edify my life.

So thank you for the one who got away, for the people who didn’t stay, for the times I was forced to walk away. For the times that the greater good was in what I least wanted, thank you.