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By: Sel Kute

Sel Kute

A sandstorm of conformity sweeps through the young masses, whom duplicate and perpetuate the mindsets and choices that are held up mainly by their “cool” classification.

Mentally tangled by commitments, “Pass my Blunt” commanded the victim of the disease of the free, and tangled.

     Tangled, you say.

Tangled by the Modernised social constructs supported by the, Modernised social methods of touch, and see.

Its all abstract, the definitive division between right and wrong, moral and immoral, adolescent or antique.

     Abstract, you say.

Abstract it reads on the description of a youthful citizen, lurking through the tree-trunks of discovery and mistake. Abstract are the implicit rewards gained from being a youthful citizen. Abstract is the crux of the learnerships experienced through mistake(s).

     Crux, you say.

The crux of the symbolic script of youth pits two mindsets, exchanging studied contrasts. Contrasts of ideals, mindsets and choices.

Ideals, mindsets and choices. Ideals, mindsets and choices. Ideals, mindsets and choices.

Conformity and discovery.
The sandstorm of conformity or the hazards of individual discovery, which is the mistake?

A mesmerising dilemma which is firmly within the recorded minutes throughout the life-convention for The Business of Youth.

This isn’t a poem. This isn’t a written documentary. This isn’t social commentary. This isn’t a group of sentences aiming to perpetuate the science of youth. This is nothing.

     Nothing, you say.

Nothing to the outside world. Something to the inside domain. The domain of the comfortable, and the domain of the discoverers.

Decide which one, you are situated in.