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Dear reader,

This October month we bring you The Purpose of Art edition: a celebration as well as a seeking to understand it’s role in society. It is all around and underground, it has informed change throughout history (think Alf Khumalo, Miriam Makeba, Harry Belafonte and multitudes more) as well as continues to topic much discussion today.

There are various interpretations of this phenomenon, therefore we asked 12 artists to share on their answers to what is the purpose of art. I like what one of them, Afurakan, said, that “art can be the conscious and the muse of a nation.” Be sure to read all of their interviews.

Inspired4Writers also brings you back to back Exclusive Interviews: Joshua Bennett & Yrsa Daley-Ward respectivley. Read their answers to the aformentioned question as well as our candid talk on their work, their private experiences that inform their work and a whole lot more!

“art can be the conscious and the muse of a nation.”

Two photographers visually interpret what art is to them: view Nicholas Fitzhenry and GQ Best Dressed Reader (2012) Atish Jogi’s respective photographs in our Inspired2Capture category.

Coal Stove Pictures has collaborated with JetMart Stores to bring you a box-set with three films: KeJive, Lucky Numbers & Tooth and Nails. Screen-writer Fidel Namisi also speaks to us about the process of writing, what makes him laugh and his advice to aspirant screen-writers.

An exciting edition that promises to inform you of the thoughts of young and aspiring professionals in the art field. We hope the content inspires you to hone your creative streak or at the very least, has you appreciating the work artists contribute to society, in essence, for the purpose of change.

Read this edition here: https://inspired4writers.wordpress.com/2012/10/.

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Kabelo Khanye.