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Lwazilubanzi Mthembu: Actress.

What is the Purpose of art, according to you?

Art is the only reason why God has spared the world for so long. It teaches, it entertains it, it motivates, it inspires and it heals.

What makes the work you do necessary? How does it inform/change normative behavior, society, ideas, beliefs, etc.?

It can interrogate all ideology and allow for an inspection of each. It can bring forth to the world what the world never knew and present for a tomorrow that is filled with the
ineffable. Art broadens our world view and reminds us that we aren’t living in a political vacuum.

What are the highlights of your career?

Wow, as a freshman in the industry my highlights may seem quite petty but my gosh it just reminds me that – Forwards Ever!!! Performing at this years National Art Fest in a play called “By the Apricot trees” – it was wonderful, the best role I’ve ever had. The second highlight was getting an agent, that’s a great step to take in this industry, it opens so many door.

Can you share with the Inspired4Writers readers on the challenges and fears you encountered with regards to conveying your work? Any advice for those aspiring to follow in your trail?

I can’t give advise, every path is different but it’s about faith and love. If you do not love it, do not do it. The challenges are so many: firstly being a black, fuller figured woman can limit you so drastically in South Africa and you tend to be type cast … I’m not tryna be no shebeen queen for years on end. Secondly, someone wrote a memorandum to the entire world and told them that artists are to be exploited so everyone just subscribe to it. Its so real out there, exploitation is rife. Understand your self worth, put your foot down,

How do you keep yourself informed/inspired?

My gosh art! I watch a lot of theater and attend talks on the changing face of art. I’m fortunate to be a drama student so its important to know current affairs and obviously read, very important to read.

Are there people whom you admire in your line of work? Do you have a mentor?

All artist inspire me, anyone who can turn their backs on a life of stability for passion ought to be admired. Robert Whitehead, Nambitha Mpulwana, Nthati Moshesh and Moshidi  Motshegwa have got to be my all time greats in my direct field but Trevor Noah is absolutely awe-inspiring.

What dreams do you have for yourself?

Dreams are all I have for myself, when I stop dreaming I will be ready to die. I’m going to be great, magical, awe-inspiring, revolutionary kind of great. I’m going to be everything I ever wanted to be and more. I’m going to be the best in everything I do.

What is the one Truth that you hold onto?

We can never believe in giving up because the world needs us. If we served no purpose the Lord would have claimed us back, but the world Needs us.