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Dylan Blayze King: Owner of Blayze Entertainment.

What is the Purpose of art, according to you?

Art is a form of self expression. It’s a way for you to communicate a message, emotions and thoughts in a way that makes sense to you. There are no rules to the beauty of art, anything can be artistic depending on how well its expressed and how its perceived by the people who experience it.

What makes the work you do necessary? How does it inform/change normative behavior, society, ideas, beliefs, etc.?

My form of artistic expression is music. Music has the power to change moods, make people think, it can bring back memories, provide inspiration etc. I make my music because I want to express myself and tell a story. Some songs are meant to be deep, some are there to just make you feel good or dance. More than anything, I just enjoy expressing myself through music. I’ve been fortunate that people have listened to and enjoyed what I have to offer and can relate to it on some or other level.

What are the highlights of your career?

Blayze shooting Jozi’s Finest music video.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of South Africa’s most established artists. My most memorable experience to date was recording a single called “Jozi’s Finest” whereby I got to work with the likes of Pro [Kid] and Ntukza [Teargas]. It was my first commercial single and music video I released under my newly formed entertainment company,:Blayze Entertainment.

Can you share with the Inspired4Writers readers on the challenges and fears you encountered with regards to conveying your work? Any advice for those aspiring to follow in your trail?

Challenges … you experience a lot of “we’ll get back to you”, “no we aren’t interested”, especially when you are starting out. You have to be really thick skinned and believe in yourself more than anyone else. People come and go, you’ll meet a lot of ‘friends’ but at the end of the day, make sure You keep your dream alive. Also, make sure you get into this industry for the right reasons. If you are chasing fame and fortune, don’t bother. It’s a very difficult industry to break into. Everyone sings, raps, produces, acts, presents, etc. Make sure you bring something unique and different to the game, otherwise you’re just statistic and you will go nowhere. Plain and simple.

How do you keep yourself informed/inspired?

Introspection: keep the right people around you, stay grounded, focus on yourself and your goals, define them clearly, always learn at every opportunity. Pray.

Are there people whom you admire in your line of work? Do you have a mentor?

There are several people I look up to locally and internationally, each in their own right. One comment made by Drake was “I became successful being me, I don’t take 2 hours to dress up, I don’t have any gimmicks or random hairstyles etc, I’m just me and people accept me for that.”

What dreams do you have for yourself?

Success and happiness.

What is the one Truth that you hold onto?

You can do anything you put your mind to … Dream Big, Hustle Hard.