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Imran Blaiz Goga: Film-editing student.

What is the Purpose of art, according to you?

Art is a means of expression, adaptation and emotion. Artists go on journeys to find the best way to show the world what they are feeling.

What makes the work you do necessary? How does it inform/change normative behavior, society, ideas, beliefs, etc.?

I’m a film editor and what makes my job nescessary is that I put the film together.

What are the highlights of your career?

The highlight of my career is defenetly editing my graduation film. It was emotional for me because it’s my last film that I did for my film school but then again I was excited because we shot on the RED 1 … it was challenging to edit because I needed to find a computer that could handle 4k resolution.

Can you share with the Inspired4Writers readers on the challenges and fears you encountered with regards to conveying your work? Any advice for those aspiring to follow in your trail?

One of my biggest fears is that my film doesn’t play and that my director isn’t happy with the final cut. My advice is let your creativity do the work. Don’t let your ideas go to waste, write them down and sooner or later you will find somebody that will like it.

How do you keep yourself informed/ inspired?

I watch a lot of anime, cartoons and films. I see the awesome styles from different areas of the world and try formulat my own style from it.

Are there people whom you admire in your line of work? Do you have a mentor?

I do have people I look up to but none that are in the industry that I’m in.

What dreams do you have for yourself?

One of the dreams that I fight for everyday is to  use film and editing to help somebody see the goodness in life and find inspiration in what I do and move forward in their pursuit of happiness.

What is the one Truth that you hold onto?

There is one truth I hold on to and it’s a saying that my mom told me, “something good will happen today.”