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Qhawe Luthuli: Aspiring photographer.

What is the Purpose of art, according to you?

I think the purpose of art is to portray the sensation of things as they are perceived and not as they are known. It shows the mismatched pieces of the world that are put together to make something beautiful.

What makes the work you do necessary? How does it inform/change normative behaviour, society, ideas, beliefs, etc.?

My work is a visual diary of my inspirations, a three-way dialogue about the world, fashion and life.

What are the highlights of your career?

I don’t think I have highlights yet as I feel as though I’m just beginning. In fact I haven’t even started. I’m still at a stage where I’m learning from the opportunities I’m receiving.

Can you share with the Inspired4Writers readers on the challenges and fears you encountered with regards to conveying your work? Any advice for those aspiring to follow in your trail?

I’m always experiencing fears of not being “good enough.” It’s almost as though I have stage fright. So sometimes this makes me not want to reveal some of my work. The challenges are that there are so many people out here trying to do the same thing. It’s so competitive these days. You have to be yourself to be set a part and to stand out. You have to go to the extra mile to be different. There are always people who are coming out and are trying to take your ideas and make them better. It’s not easy.

How do you keep yourself informed/inspired?

I’m inspired by the people I’m surrounded by. I always do research about what they’re drawn to or what’s inspiring them. People are always pushing me so being encouraged allows me to look deep into myself to find new aspirations. My city, my people and my life inspire me.

Are there people whom you admire in your line of work? Do you have a mentor?

I admire South African artists like Santu Mofokeng, Alf Kumalo, Zwelethu Mthethwa and Chiurai Kudzanai. I wouldn’t say I have a mentor, I have mentors. Those close to me are always giving me insight and that tells me where I should go.

What dreams do you have for yourself?

I don’t really have dreams for myself, I’m a “go with the flow” type of person. I believe my dreams are destined so my work should set a path to be dreams that gradually unfold as I keep going.

What is the one Truth that you hold onto?

I hold onto not losing myself. I must remain myself and not lose the love for this thing just because there are challenges. I can only grow from them and use them to keep doing what I’m doing.