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Dear reader,

When one takes The Next Step -after the dreams + Prayers, collaborating with extraordinary + admirable beings, the executing of ideas- there comes that defining point when you simply Surrender All to Thee. Trusting that the work will reach all those it is meant to reach + that the Purpose: of having us young folk concerning ourselves with making our Dreams Practical + altering ourselves, will be achieved.

As I write you this Gratitude note, the recorded number of Inspired4Writers views, thus far, is 10 696! In less than 7 months, we are Grateful that you have engaged with the anthropology of fruitful content we are amalgamated by. From Politics to Poetry, Health to Environment, Business to Relationships, Spirituality to Self, Exclusive Interviews to much more, you read whether on the bus to school, during your 15 minute interval before your next lecture or your lunch break from work, after Sunday lunch or simply your ‘me time’. You followed the links + joined us in mindful insight!

Over 10 000 views!

One of the Best things about working on Inspired4Writers is that no one is getting paid! O’ the Joy of doing work simply for the benefit of others, to exercise our creativity + take you, the reader, into our experiences, what a thrill. It only gets better!

This month, our theme is The Next Step. Read the edition here: https://inspired4writers.wordpress.com/2012/09/.

We are Grateful that you continue to take that Next Step with us. Inspired4Writers continues to be A Prayer Come True. To Christ be all the Glory.

With Love,
Kabelo Khanye.