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By: Sel Kute

Sel Kute

Caution, as the contours of your existence may offer a degree of resistance/
When attempting the remarkable feat of living without medicated assistance/

Caution, The scenic valleys of sobriety come at a heartless fee/ a distance away from the drugged filled caves from which the heartless feed/

Caution, The withdrawal symptoms of a careless freedom/ house your urges to cliff dive the peaks of whiskey-odor breathing/ the bleeding pleasures of uncontrollable hazy visions/

Caution, They still cloud the contents of your fragile alcoholic memory/ where permanence is temporary/ and head-beating morning afters are merely elementary/

Caution, You’ve left that behind, no longer subject yourself to its toxic fiction/ rather, you suffer the endearing suspicion/ of relapse-cluttered thoughts with an unforgettable distinction.

Caution, The drops housed in brown bottles breath life to lifeless life routes/
Will you walk away from its urged splurges bare-boned, or fill the box belonging to another one of its recruits?….
Caution, Sobriety, is enigmatic.