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Gasela Magasela

By: Gasela Magasela

Never had I owned such a book

Let alone read one.

So complex, every word is inspired by unconditional love.

Without prior understanding it seemed like a whole lot o’ crap.

It covers life from A to infinity, it’s so uncapped.

My limited understanding was abruptly succumbed to definite explosion.


The complex textbook …

It contains simple words like love, peace and salvation,

But they’re so powerful in that book than in any literature fiction.

The complex textbook …

Some say it contains the “basic instructions before leaving earth”,

But every word I read flew away like a dove …

Never had I initially treated it with love.

The complex textbook …

So complex, I stopped being a reformist without passion

And took “the” next giant step.

So convinced, I felt a deep sense of “reforestation”

Re-uniting with my papa                 

The complex textbook …

I hold it dear for it journeyed me to the next step.