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By: Kopo Nathane

Kopo Nathane

The next level of life is not the creation of counterfeit television reality shows. It’s not the discrimination that roams the land like a deadly plague. Nor is it the religion in the throne of human life. It’s not the subway of pouring blood from the wombs of the past mothers that have shed tears that create the make up that attracts the attacker. Is it the fight for money or economic royalty … no.

Rather it is about the movement of change that must come to the people. It that moment of realization when we all see that the fights, the backstabbing, the hurt, the lies and the selfishness makes the human race seem like the definition of stupidity. It’s when awareness, generosity, love, understanding and hard work  becomes a reflex. When we reach that, things will become easy and maybe happiness will go from a 10% to 15%.