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By: Nozipho Mpanza

Nozipho Mpanza

The world of business is alight with a range of possibility and South Africa is an emerging entity within the streams of the booming global village. In light of this month’s theme, “The Next Step”, Inspired4Writers readers are given an insight into the global happenings around business today. We take a tour around the world, highlighting ground breaking business initiatives that promise to transform society and develop the brilliant young minds of our nation.

Imagine a world without long lines at the grocery store? A world where we could somehow achieve a grocery shopping trip at the very blink of an eye? Imagine a time where all one is prompted to do in preparation for a shopping trip is push a button? Then quit imagining. American inventors are making this an international reality and South Africa is among the fortunate countries that have jumped on board. The word that will soon take over society and promises to revolutionize the average shopping experience is U-SCAN. In its simplest description, the u-scan is a product developed to perform ample functions, one of which is simplifying the lives of everyday shoppers. By making use of this product, the shopper can simply walk into the store and place items of purchase into their trolley, the trolley (which will be fitted with the u-scan device) will scan each individual item and work on a running total amount. This means that all one has to do at the end of one’s shopping trip is walk over a teller (if paying with cash) and then quickly exit. Customers using the credit system are at a greater liberty as the device is fitted with a speed point allowing the customer to literally walk in and out of the store! The device will subtract any item that is taken out of the trolley from the total amount and takes shopper discounts into consideration. The Crowley’s Wicks and Wilson division are the innovators of this tool, although the booming initiative has been subject to much critic under its development, this device holds great potential and may lead a revolutionary era in technological advancements.

While the Western world continues to dominate the technological front of business, aspiring African leaders aim to empower their nation by solving one continental problem at a time.

How is one to respond to the daily struggles of the African people? How can sanitation be improved in Africa? What can be done to empower the Africans? A young South African thinker may have an idea … Ludwick Marishane is the founder of Headboy Inc. and boasts the title of his country’s youngest patent holder, an accolade claimed following his invention of the DryBath. The DryBath is a sanitizer and moisturiser that one applies over the entire body to achieve the same effect as that of a bath. The product requires little water for use and is targeted at those that do not have enough water to maintain the normal level of personal hygiene. As the first innovation of its kind, DryBath will provide waterless hygiene to the less fortunate and address the global issue of water consumption. The product is easily accessible to the poor and always ready to use. An innovation of this nature changes the lives of over 2 million people in the world suffering from curable illnesses and puts young Ludwick on the global map, propelled towards greater success.

Business has the ability to catapult a career within an instant hence we are always on the watch for the next big thing. Who will be the successors of the likes of Bill Gates, Richard Branson, and Tokyo Sexwale?

To conclude, we briefly profile 4 of the most promising young minds that have entered the business market. The recipe is simple: take the good that you have and make it great! Always remember, this could be You!

Ansul Samar (age 13), CEO: Elemento. www.elemento.com.

Age: 20 & 22.
Company: MyYearbook.com

Amos Winbus III
Age: 26.
CEO: Cybersynchs