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By: Rachel Boy

Rachel Boy

If you haven’t read this book yet, you need to get your hands on a copy. Although the title does not sound overly thrilling, the book itself is totally fascinating. Whether you’re a teacher, student, businessman, entrepreneur, politician, expectant mom or just someone wanting to be updated with the latest information in world society, this book has something for everyone. In a nutshell, this book discusses not only the next step to education, but looks at rethinking our entire world society. It explores old teaching techniques and the amazing knowledge we have today with which we can rethink and improve systems of the past with mind-blowing outcomes. Currently, there is amazing research being discovered revealing new ways to learn, teach, think as well as create and communicate.  After reading this book, you will realise that the sky truly is the limit to anything you want to accomplish.

I first came into contact with this book a couple of weeks ago. It was a prescribed book for one of the modules I’m studying through UNISA for a BEd degree. At first glance it looks like an ordinary, boring book filled with heavy reading material – after all it is over five hundred pages long.  But seriously, all you have to do is open the cover and start reading. Believe me, you won’t be able to stop! A module that I was not overly excited to study has become an enrapturing experience.

A major focus of the book is learning. No matter what age, you’re never too old to learn something. The book itself is geared to help learning in about every way possible. Pictures, diagrams, mindmaps, study methods, brain training – you name it, this book has it. Another very clever and unusual method used is every second page is a poster summary of all the important facts on the page(s) before. This may sound overwhelming, but in reality it helps remember all the important information in a fun way- making them available right at your fingertips.

The New Learning Revolution textbook.

The New Learning Revolution covers topics from networking, the coporate and the digital world to teaching styles, childhood learning, learning styles and passing high school as well as creativity and amazing ‘how-to’s’ . Theoretically this sounds amazing, but how does the whole revolution theme work practically? Here are some examples for starters:

“Nine year olds used to colour in scrapbooks – Now they make colour computer-animations in three dimensions.”

“Seven year olds used to play in parents’ clothing- Now they digitally play any role in fantasy or as any historical character.”

“Once only written exams showed ‘what you know’- Now students can keep digital portfolios on line to prove their talents.”

“Russian and US students came up with a new idea- Now their Google website can scan 8 billion pages in half a second.”

Your appetite not whetted enough?

“Three Ways to Learn Anything:

1)      Experience it

2)      Play with it

3)      Label it”

As I’m sure you’ve now seen, methods of learning have changed dramatically. Ongoing research is having a major impact on not just education but the way the entire world learns. The results are mind-blowing! The next step to learning is not being taught in primary school, being taught in high school, writing tests and exams and then going on to a career. The next step is teaching individuals to think and learn in their own way, therefore being able to accomplish – well – anything! Now go read the book…


Dryden, G., & Vos, Dr J.  2012. The New Learning Revolution. London: Continuum Books.