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Neo Mofokeng

By: Neo Mofokeng

Stumbling upon this question:

‘Why does infinity exist?’

I come to realise that perfection is hard to reach

At every turn there seems to be something new that one is to achieve –

Epitomising a simple yet real reality: ‘There’s a next step to everything’.

Moving from the past the further away one is,

And ever closer one is to what he ought to achieve

‘But is the meaning of this that one can never be content?’

Not absolutely. One need be content with what one has

Yet striving for the greater perfection one has not reached yet

‘The status quo is enough for now but for my future may not be sufficient.’

So with great humility and equivalent aplomb one ought to stride on to what awaits.

Lacking fear but with awesome wonder move into what comes next

Especially since what’s in neither motion nor growth either dies or is already dead.

Determined to not suffer the fate of death, forge on forwards

Knowing that God is your strength without doubt march on

Seeing already the destination and not bogged down by the hardships of the journey,

Focusing solely on the reward and not the pain toward it

Carrying minimal arrogance and maximum ‘God in me’

Be not satisfied at the level of being paragon

Because, ‘With God on my side I’m infinitely on my next step till I reach perfection.’