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By: Gomolemo Legoale

Gomolemo Legoale

I remember a night when I was 15 years old and I was at my grandfather’s place with all of my relatives. I was passing out on an instant messaging application on my phone called Mxit, at this stage the phone was weighing its way off my right hand and my mouth was wide open like a fish net prepared to trap fish – of course that would mean my mouth was prepared to trap -(wait! It cannot be prepared if I am passing out, so) – my mouth was open wide enough for flies to use as a landing strip. After a while, that still image of me falling asleep was interrupted by my well featured aunt. Picture light brown silky skin, tiny eyes, weave tied back making her forehead look bigger and wide hips that cushioned themselves against the door frame. It was her 3rd reminder about the dishes. She wanted them clean and clean before we sleep. Clean now! My cousins and I could not avoid this at all.

Life is the same. Whether or not You sleep, the dishes are waiting for You! Your deadline is on Friday; your test is tomorrow; your workload that frustrates you is waiting! That goal of yours that seems so easy to achieve because it is still 5 years away – You need to start working on it now! For that idea to be that million dollar legitimate business, you need to start Now! … Basically, whether You like it or not, your dishes are waiting for You. Start deciding on who You are today. Think about it: when it’s time to wash dishes, where do You fit in?

There are 3 types of dishwashers: The Washer, The Wiper and The Packer.

These are the people who are hard workers. They wash and scrub to any extent. You can put a pot full of chicken in front of them and I guarantee you they will put the chicken in a Tupperware, in the fridge and wash the pot. These people are dedicated to hard work. They are proactive. If something needs doing, they will do it themselves. These people never look around them much but they drown their hands deeply into the sink with their shoulders shrugged and Wash. They are the type to go through lengths such as ensuring that the counter and stove is clean. This means they will test all sphere’s and follow all steps necessary to ensure that they achieve their goals. Society loves these people because they are reliable.

The disadvantages of hard workers is that they are not really open-minded: they can be linear in their way of thinking and harder to correct.

These people are thinkers. They can be either intelligent or wise. Either way, they are able to analyse their current situation and plan for a better outcome. These people see the little stain on a glass and return it into the sink to be rewashed. They are mainly reactors to a situation. They are critical and detail orientated. You could put a full pot of chicken in front of them, being so intelligent, they would not leave it out for so long because they know the temperature fluctuations could mess with the taste of the chicken and expose it to bacteria.

The disadvantages of wipers are that they would analyse the dirt almost too much. Their analytical mindset adds more sequences of instructions into their brains, making their brain processing workload more and slower. It takes longer for them to do things but they do things to perfection. Wipers are the type to make a mistake and only learn after it. They are serious about what they do, they will brush things off with ease if they don’t see value in them. Because they are such thinkers, they think ahead, they have already thought about tomorrow. That’s why todays glasses don’t have to be wiped, instead they are left upside-down to dry. They are intellects. Society respects them too.

If you know anyone who postpones too much or chills too much then you know a packer. These people are the type to do things only when they feel like it. Or only when it is nice. They will even disappear until after the washer does the heavy duty. If you know someone who doesn’t mind leaving things for the last minute then miraculously does it ten minutes but you have been waiting for him for a whole week to complete it, then you know a possible packer. The nice thing about them is they are most likely to be highly intelligent or creative. When they do work, their work can and probably will look better than yours, they are effective and can either be the core or the slob of the firm. Their ability to quickly break things down to the tee (or rather shortcut mentality) gives a simpler and more practical angle to doing things. They often understand life quicker than the rest but get trapped in the mentality of ‘having it easy’. They either do extremely bad or extremely good. You can put a full pot of chicken in front of them and they will mostly likely put it away in the fridge for someone else  to deal with or ‘forget’ it on the stove. When they do work, life is put back to order. Packers are never mediocre, they are usually brilliant or terrible at something. They usually have that one skill or attribute that is so excellent that is glows brighter and overshadows their disadvantages. Society can be inclined to dislike these people because they always choose to be different, they are easier to blame and criticise.

* The interesting thing is that I know of a Washing machine, a Tumble-Dryer (Wiper) but not a Tumble-Packer.
It’s never a sin to be the most disliked but use this comparison of different dishwashers to appreciate and embrace who you are. Richard Branson dropped out of school to take his magazine to higher levels; my grandfather left school at the age of 17 to start a coal business that looked after his mother and 11 siblings after his father passed away. Yes, we may all bare fear, but inside all of you lies a genius. Live your best life now by getting those dishes washed and making more time to be a genius.