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Thobezweni Sithole

By: Thobezweni Sithole


Quiet, bliss, nothing but peace, love and security

Not a sign of deception, all seems to be good, all things are in their place

The cares of this world have been relieved from me

The fruits of this city are at my disposal, and my purity is intact

My nakedness exposed freely to the winds that blow in sync with my liberated mind

 All is blush to cheeks, everything just right, perfect colour in a perfect world


Perfect, perfection is but a dream to me, a facade uncanny

Waking up to “This”, from a dream of misplaced reality

Something that could have been, something that was

This, from prosperity to calamity

This, from dominion to depravity

This, from fruitfulness to futility

This; is a divorce, a separation of me and my creator, an affair with my destroyer

This is the world I live in.


Hi my name is Zowe

I’m approached by many but kept my none

I’m a rape victim of society, a woman

I’m fragile, insecure, and useless yet you use me!!!

I find comfort in your compliments; I tie my hair the way I do for you to say I’m beautiful

I need you to approve me, yet you never notice

I need you to hold me for a second longer like an orphan yearning for a mothers touch

I want to be held and embraced but all you do is batter me, spit in my face and kick me

You strip me naked and you rape me

You expose my nakedness and corrupt my mind

When you done with me, it is

Fist to cheek, face to ground

Then everything becomes quiet, bliss, just right

Perfect colour in a perfect world

How I wish to never wake from this fall.