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By: Jason Green

Jason Green


A writing concerning  the non physical equipment of the human being

It is known  that human beings are spiritual entities who dwell upon the earth.  What validates this? My brothers and sisters, we shall find the answer to the equation within ourselves. That which is contained within us, bears all truth and shall never be tainted by the evils of the world.

It is by understanding  and most importantly utilisation of our embedded  equipment, that we shall truly soar upon the wings of divinity.

Man is a microcosm, meaning he is a small model of the universe, within his physical frame there resides a universe identical to the one outside of him. Likewise the universe outside of him is named the macrocosm. It is the macrocosm which reflects the actions undertook in the microcosm and not vice versa. Therefore the microcosm is the father of action and the macrocosm is the mother of outcome. There are three modes of potency which dictate human behaviour and all else corresponding to human existence. Every single human being is equipped with these potencies they are as follows: the celestial sphere, the mental sphere and the material sphere. The celestial sphere is responsible  for the communion we have with our higher selves and most importantly endows us with the ability to interact with our medium to the divine :yeheshua the Christ. Animals and things which creep on the ground, are not composed of this sphere. The mental sphere  is in charge of the cognitive faculties and dictates the functioning of the other two types of potencies or faculties. The material sphere is responsible for the actual manifestations of the other two spheres and dictates in what manner the latter abides/the material sphere is that sense of existence itself .

In closing may we all be accustomed to our interior equipment,  it is our means of redeeming our selves by the path of the redeemer. By understanding ourselves we shall know our God. My brothers and sisters may we walk in light, love and truth.