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‘A Youth Come True!’, this is the June edition’s theme. As Inspired4Writers, we are celebrating the youth of this country and the practical steps that they are taking towards attaining their dreams. I think of 16 June 1976, as well as the many other days of passionate protest that swept this country, and I think of a generation that demanded the betterment of their society. That dream was so intimately close to them that they boldly and fearlessly demanded it, many were jailed and shot dead but they continued marching on for it. Our history books acknowledges that period as the beginning of the end: where the oppressive apartheid system was clearly bound to meet its demise.

Today, the current youth bares resemblents of a similar kind of passion: demanding better of their society and themselves. This month’s edition has been designed especially to bring to light those who are doing just that with a special feature, in the spirit of 16 June: “16 Young Black South Africans Making Their Dreams Come True!” under Exclusive Interviews. The youth of 1976 had a dream that included having future generations not experience the brunt of oppression that they were but to illuminate and live in a society where the only oppression that they would experience would be self-inflicted and not external. These 16 Young Black South Africans are a ray of this dream and they spoke to Inspired4Writers essentially about where they come from, where they are and where they are going. Whether they are representing South Africa in Italy in a snowboarding competition, owning a plumbing business, signing with a major modeling agency or ready to publish their own novels; whether they have worked with CNN Africa, completed their degrees, toured with their play-production in Europe or are representing South Africa in countries such as Mexico and the United States of America in G8 and United Nations meetings, they are all united by their sense of agency to be better and attain more for their societies and themselves.

I also sat down with Mi Casa’s lead singer, J’Something, to converse about, amongst other interesting topics, their success, their future projects, Christ, their brotherhood, his dream for the South African youth and the power of the mind!

The writers for our different societal, self and poetic categories have cooked

Kabelo Khanye wearing a white top.

up a literary feast that will have you full with lessons and fruitful thoughts, also leaving you hungry for betterment. We have all dressed in white tops to show our unified mission to do just that and we hope that amongst the many lessons you choose to take from any one of the writing pieces posted, that you will begin to think more about the practical means that you can take to making your dreams come true, that you too count yourself as one who is attaining their dreams: no matter how small or great.

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