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Where did you grow up?

The Fridge: Thusi, Ade & Samkelo.

Ade: … Nigeria.

Samkelo: Protea North Soweto.

Thusi: I grew up in Sandton, Buccleuch to be specific. I grew up with white boys, skating every day after school.

What were your dreams as a child?

Ade: … to be an artist.

Samkelo: I wanted to be different things in different times of my life … Dr, Lawyer, musician … the list goes on.

Thusi: I wanted to be an engineer of sorts or a world renowned scientist but it turns out I sucked at Maths when        high school started to become real.

What are you currently doing now (work)?

Ade: … I play drums for the band.

Samkelo:  I’m a musician.

Thusi: This is my work [The Fridge] but I also work in production. I just finished scoring a doccie, with my girlfriend and life partner, called On The Edge. It’s about homeless people in the CBD and how the police harass them. I co-produced and did the film score: it looks and sounds amazing.

How did you get into your line of work (career)?

Ade: I grew in to the arts generally, the passion for it I guess.

Samkelo: I followed a passion I guess. Started creating songs in my mind. Then looked for outlets to record them.

Thusi: I was skateboarding one day near my house where there was a homeless guy playing Marilyn Mansons’ “Sweet Dreams” and I begged him to teach me and that is where it started.

The Fridge

What have been some of your career highlights?

Ade: … I’ve had quite a few career highlights, including being one of the chosen 40 best african photographers, second was my duet photography, painting and sculpture exhibition which gave me exposure on DSTV. Third was sitting with bra Hugh [Masekela] on MTV Meet and having a dialogue with him. The fourth was organizing my own first exhibition with my cultural crossroad crew and the fifth highlight was putting together the band [The fridge].

Samkelo: I don’t have any.

Thusi: We [The Fridge] had a mini tour to Cape Town in April and it was such an honor as we were well received by the locals. They have great parties as well.

What dreams do you still have for yourself?

Ade: Wow… quite a few. One is to win a grammy with my band, second is to go on a world tour with them and the third is to set a great  foot print and being looked up to as a great pioneer of the arts.

Samkelo: I wanna make music of the highest quality.

Thusi: There is so much I still need to do, namely: a few grammy’s, Best Music for a Feature Film, to work with Victor Wooten and to own a beach house in Mozambique.

Who are the people that have influenced you or that you admire?

Ade: Frst is my father, who forms part of the first generation of contemporary artists in west Africa. My mother for believing in my vision and allowing me to follow it and myself, for believing in the vision I see ahead.

Thusi: Victor Wooten and Jaco Prestorius are my ultimate heroes and I love Bobby McFerrin.

What is your dream for today’s youth of South Africa?

Ade: Wow… there is a saying that says ‘if you are going somewhere that you don’t know and you do not ask for directions, one is bound to get lost’. I believe there is great potential with the South African youth, I just think that if they take more time into exploring that potential, the sky is a stepping stone.

Samkelo: I hope they understand that at the end of it all, what’s important is control. If you are not in control, someone else is.

Thusi:  To have a passion, something that makes them get up in the morning and smile … 😉

What does June 16 mean to you?

Ade: June 16 is more of a question to me. So where to from here?

Samkelo: It means that the youth of 1976 discovered that control is something worth dying for.

Thusi:  It means I can make music with these wonderful musicians (Ade and Sam) and share it with anyone who is willing to listen. June 16 is us as the youth fulfilling the prophecy and continuing the legacy.

The one Truth I hold onto is …

Ade: The one truth that I have held on to for a long time is that everything happens for a reason and that we are always the solution to our problems. We are always the truth.

Samkelo: The one Truth I hold onto is … forever changing.

Thusi:  “I’ve found something to die for which makes it beautiful to live” -Foo fighters.


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