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Where did you grow up?

Neo Gilder

I grew up in Midrand, but I was in between Midrand, Pretoria, Botswana as well as Cape Town, in a sense, as my dad used to stay there.

What were your dreams as a child?

My dreams growing up were to be a model: I would always stand in front of the mirror and practice different poses I saw high fashion models doing. I love getting dressed up and posing, I think its in my blood to model ūüėČ

What are you currently doing now (work)?

Right now I am a student at the University of Pretoria studying a BA in Visual Studies. I’m also working for Red Bull as a sampler, and I just¬†recently signed a contract with Alushi Management to¬†work with the¬†modeling agency.

How did you get into your line of work (career)?

In terms of Red Bull, a friend of mine works at Red Bull as well and his job looked fun, so I asked about it and I said I wanted to join. I went for the interview and got the job. With signing with Alushi Models, like I said I’ve always wanted to be a model so a friend of mine was telling me about the agency¬†and¬†I began to query, called the agency, sent my pictures and then¬†they asked me to come in for a meeting and I soon signed with them.

What have been some of your career highlights?

With Red Bull you experience highlights on the daily. Our job is just so much fun as we meet so many different characters and it’s just¬†amazing to socialize with the consumers. You get people who are very grateful and happy about what we do. We give out complementary cans to people in need of energy, people get shocked¬†because of¬†this and their reactions are just priceless! With Alushi, I just started so I’ve yet to have highlights.

What dreams do you still have for yourself?

The dreams I still have are to be a ballroom dancer, go for art classes (I feel I have a lot to express artistically) and I want to be a famous model world wide. With the money, I can help the less fortunate and I want to have an amazing family of my own one day.

Who are the people who have influenced you or that you admire?

I admire people who have full confidence in who they are and what they do. My parents are very hard workers and are definitely role models I can proudly look up to. I simply admire people who know that they are here for a greater purpose and will stop at nothing to pursue that.

Neo Gilder

What is your dream for today’s youth of South Africa?

My dream for the youth would be for them to realise their importance within society and to appreciate what family does for them, to pave their lives for a better future and not to take that for granted. Life is fun and all, but we have to be able to differentiate things that are importance to those that are not.

What does June 16 mean to you?

June 16 is an emotional time to reminisce on: when the youth of our country stood up for what they believed in, and fought for what we humans deserve … rights. This time was a clear indication of how the youth was able to differentiate things of importance¬†from those that¬†are not. It is a clear representation of the power of belief.

The one Truth I hold onto is …

You have to be able to love yourself to experience life in the best way possible.


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