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Mpumelelo Macheke

By: Mpumelelo Macheke

16 June 1976:
“Nkulunkulu Wethu …
Umama loves speaking about my granmother, I never knew.
In the kitchen, over an oiling pot on our Jewel stove
ekuseni ebhaka amagwinya- she reminds me:
‘’I’ve learned not to pray for miracle mntan’ami. We’re living in a system that reqires us to eek out this very this very living.’’
I’d rather ngilalele itiye lami elimnandi. I’ve heard this a thousand times.
Kodwa, what she speaks is the truth.
All I have is my mother, sister and a classroom that is devoid of windows
and an indoctrination that require me to learn ngesiBhunu.
Sgizoyithathaphi ilifa if we fail to recognise our role in this sysytem?
we have to become higher than we’re acsribed to be- siqhubeke.
Our celebration is within the dispute,
the struggle,
the journey,
 from dah to dah, yabon’?
What im saying isn’t profound.
It’s just the reality.”
Generation Senzeni Na
16 June 2012:
“To The Highest..
My country’s democracy is eighteen.
Eighteen years since the blood gave way to prayer
and struggle gave into reconciliation.
We are the democracy
and we’ve come a long way.
Too long to fathom.
The privilage I entitle myself to, is bloodstained.
I’m a victim of fear when I think about standing streets that once flowed with sacrifice.
I prefer error in my understanding.
I rely on the words of textbooks to decieve me from the truth about freedom that is abundant to me.
Paranoia is a state of mind hereditary of my youth.
We compare ourselves amoungst ourselves.
Education is our salvation
yet we eek out status through competition
while the realm of understanding dies.
We aspire to faces and paces we fail to understand
while it’s inequity causes our demise.
What is there to celebrate if we don’t know the true faces of our neighbours?
‘Youth’ is a common understanding our minds are yet to concieve’’
Generation Nkululeko

The beauty about letters is that they have the ability to change a perception.
Evoke a reaction.
Build a generation.
These letters are precured by the universe
and read out a loud  to us through change.
Celebration exists in an understanding we’ve yet to create.
Celebration is for the understanding youth.
Celebration is for the youth that is understood.