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By: Sel Kute

Sel Kute

The air is clear, tranquil, serene/
The dust hibernates, The leaves evolve while the clarity of the sun-rays play an angelic illuminated screen/
Whilst the contents of her womb swell, spring through the movements they scheme/
The contractions gain momentum – become a regularity, coincided with her optimistically painful screams/

Push …

A term uttered from educated voices best explaining the actions she has to manoeuvre – with a females grace yet human natures force/
This shanty underdeveloped town is no broadway, but it is the stage for his life to take its course/ Yes, another creation has manifested itself/ gliding down to a chaotic delivery room – from the heavens flee markets ever growing shelf/

He is born, while she is inducted into motherhood….

His fresh crystal eye lids flutter in amazement to what has just transpired/
The scene of him being pulled from a liquid complimented comfort into an airy yet sweaty enclosure/ filled with blank smiles – contrasted by a teary woman’s expressions lacking in control and composure/

He cries in confusion while she cries in completeness

She has never known the comfort of affluence or the security of a picket fence/
Accidental or not, she has just lived within a boxed nine month suspense/
Culminating in this euphoric pain tingling moment/

He has made her whole now…

Because he has appeared gracefully into her unremarkable life, adding to it substance, purpose and a sense of truth/
This day signifies the tipping point to his young life, his birthday, this is the start to his remarkable youth.