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Sel Kute

By: Sel Kute

They say the double digit aged mind is a fragile entity/
With its lengthy spurts of mishaps and mischief though filled with ambition a plenty/
For this citizen of teenagehood lies a life of disappointment resulting in patience running dangerously on empty/

Living his youth on a flimsy tightrope …

His genetically gifted reserves of dedication carry him through when adversary sets/ overcoming the remembrance of a drug themed interaction with his male maker, the only one yet/
He lives in a made-up world of superficial icons to block out the sting of reality/
Building a dynamic emotionless wall from the voices that claim he lacks in the way of speciality/

All while he glides through a life renowned for a single parent that plays a dual role in his life’s musical play – ends-meat barely reached in a home where he finds substance in scarcity/
Vague visions of success, married to Daring Dreams of varsity/

No where in his fictional life script does it state the degree of difficulty attached to adolescence/
His young life is now headlined by perseverance through disadvantage on the pursuit of its essence/

An adolescent realisation made …

An ideal man is what he’ll never grow up to become/
That, is actually life’s only guarantee for this, a dreamy, awkward fatherless son/
The world will continue to be a hazardous yet educational dingy circus/
This young mind will stroll through it fearlessly though reluctantly Nervous/
For a horizonless destination, to shuffle through life, in the search of a purpose.

A Youth Come True.