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By: Jabulile Mpanza

Jabulile Mpanza

Are you looking for something light- hearted, humorous and with a fairytale ending? A Roald Dahl style novel with talking animals that also contains a captivating theme that threads throughout the novel? If this is the case then please click the “next” button because this is not the book I have in store for you. If instead you are looking for a read that will suck you in as it takes punches to your stomach, then The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini is exactly that. By far one of the greatest books written this decade, it contains the ability to make you read it up until the early hours of the morning as you weep and supply yourself with unlimited hot beverages.  The story chronicles the life of Amir, a young Afghanistan boy who confronts the challenges that confront him in his journey to manhood. Set in both Afghanistan and the United States, the novel takes one through a valley that is entrenched with brotherly love, the longing for a father’s attention, the destruction of war as well as the suppressing weight of guilt among other features. This heart wrenching and well written story promises to touch the inner being in unimaginable ways.