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By: Neo Mofokeng

Neo Mofokeng

Galatians 6: 3-5

“… For all in and through Christ should compete

Not against each other but against oneself

No man is to please any other more than his LORD

Every soul’s action should be to impress God

Therefore, compare not yourself to any other

To truly live: let it be against the Word of your Master that you compete …”

‘Assuming the role of the objective observer

In his own life: he understands thus foretells things better.

Than what it felt like experiencing them from inside.

The trials she’s endured and those yet to come,

Like concrete slabs keep building a woman of tower-height.

Strength, usefulness, confidence and competence!

The higher she goes, though, the tougher it gets.

And it appears to be, the blocks of his success

Lie in the deep-rooted foundation of these:

Strength, usefulness, competence and confidence.

If there’s anything that makes up a young man,

Except good genes and a bright t-shirt,

It’s the aforementioned four,

Boxing in God

To keep his ways pure while in pursuit of what he ought to have

Anyway, realizing how viewing objectively gave her

Better judgment, simultaneously less humanness

She dons against her human skin

With better success of how success is reached,

Thus the tower of a true Youth is to be built

Missing from it currently is the block with your name

Around Himself God can build your four walls

And roof-lock Himself in with the spear-shaped shield of faith.

My example, then: David

A youth: with the full foundation

He grew into adulthood: being Godly

Blazing a trail: walked by none before

Although flawed, at his death: a man adorned, adored by God.