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Viwe Tyolwana

Dear Me

I wonder… has your life withered away as quickly as your looks and are those wrinkles a testimony to a life well lived? I pray that your white hair represents your winter of wisdom and your smile still stands brighter than the sun on a brand new spring day. Are you and God still friends? Have you kept your word with Him, have you still allowed Him to be your muse, your center, your foundation, 30 years into the future?  I trust that you have found love. The love you were so desperately seeking for in your youth. A love that now has manifested to the creation of your sons and daughters. A love that has allowed you to leave your legacy on souls who you had to nurse, who you had to  drive to after school netball games and  had to throw birthday parties with jumping castles and swings for. A love that has granted you no reason to ever have to struggle, fight, laugh, pray and wake up alone. Did you live your dreams? Are you sitting there, on your rocking chair, reminiscing on how you have conquered all your fears and how you have survived all the negative thoughts that attempted to drown you? Are you Thinking of the impact you have made through your craft, your education and your hard work. Are you already reaping the benefits of a lifetime full of inspirational moments, success and health? Have you managed to keep alive the memories of all those you have loved dearly, that have crossed the gates of heaven, before you? Dear soulful senior, do you still remember your mothers face? Are you anywhere close to being the women she was? The woman you prayed every single night to be like. Did you manage to become a reflection of her? Are you not a simple distortion of a woman who has let earthly accomplishments blind her from her Xhosa grassroots, her heritage, and her uniqueness?  Dear 50 year old self, Are you still alive? I do not mean in the mere act of breathing in and out. What I mean is, are you still living? Have you set up new goals and new dreams? Are you living beyond the realms of just existing? Are you still a dreamer?  Dear old aged queen I hope that you are able to read this, close your eyes and know that every question and every query, which you had no answer for while writing this letter in your younger years can now be confidently, with over flowing zest and gusto be met with one word, with one simple answer .I hope you can just say “YES”

 Yours faithfully

Viwe Tyolwana