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By: Abigail Gounder

Abigail Gounder

When I opened my eyes, all I could see was a blinding  light.

Afraid and alone with nothing around me but walls of white.

Where is that place that’s so cold and dark? What has happened to the noisy neighbours and the dog’s loud bark?

Where do I run to when the light is gone? When the dark comes here who do I run from?

“Hello, hello is there anyone else in side this place?” Ooh what’s ahead, what shall I face?

Forgive me. oh Lord, have I died? Is it too late or am I trapped in my small, isolated mind?

I hear music, so soft and full of peace, so gentle and full of grace. Where am I? What is this place?

North, East, South or West?                                                                                                                                                                                      Where can I go? Which choice will be the best? What is that warmth that feels like love when all I had ever known was abuse and to only dream of things above.
“Do not fear For I’am with you”

The sound of a voice I have only heard of. “I have always been with you and will never leave nor for sake you”


The time I lived it was You and now I am alive and with You!!

At the end, it was you protecting me and guiding me through my tough time. It was you that spoke the comforting for words in my mind

I’m glad I found You! I Found Love

I found grace

At the end for a WEARY HEART …. I found peace.