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By: Gasela Magasela

Gasela Magasela

We’re never going to stand firm if we don’t have strong feet, especially on the crooked paths we take.

Shaky grounds proclaim fear is upon us, we’re not serious, can’t even see what’s at stake.

The world barks at us for we look like fractured skeletons.

Our faces look pale; we’ve been long dead-walking.

The coming of our King is knocking…”Don’t be fearful”, I would say.

But if we’re not to be then what’s our hope?


Before God our partnership is so feeble.

We’ve shifted away from His warmly love

and our hearts we have given to the earthly love.

From just looking at our faces, a stranger depicts he should mind his own business.

What have we become…?

Not to care for each other.

What have we become…?

Not to love one another.


For we said we’re in the body of Christ,

But our actions disagree a million times.

There’s no longer that connectivity, sensitivity and that harsh but out-of-care objectivity.

We use pretence as a cover, so that the world thinks you’re still my partner.


The Devil smiles, he no longer has to wrestle that power…

That power we had that diminished strongholds and bore holes.

That power which made hate shrink out of shame and developed unsurpassed love.

But this question still unsettles me:



We become?