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By: Sel Kute

Sel Kute


They said we were mere flash-in-the-pan lovers, with inconsistent spates of feelings/
Apparently we would diverge, and suffer from the surge of glass-housed break-ups and transparent attraction ceilings/
I heard we would never last past a trilogy of calendar blocks/
They said it would end, the spree’s of legless Waltz’s and refreshed time lines that resemble Lavender Clocks/
They despised the sight our scenic smiles that induced proverbial overworked laughter-lips/
I think they hated that fact that they.. loved.. our telepathic partnership/
I would like to simplify the uncommon sense behind our fingertip dampening connection/
This isn’t a love letter, but a letter of love, best explaining my enigmatic yet simplistic happiness’ extension/
Provoked by our acquaintance, that has since developed through melodically inclined sections/
Bucket loads of doubt-filled voices always played the soundtrack to our synchronised actions/ yet our magically pleasant dynamic guided our minds clear of love’s unexpected tractions…./
The sounds, and vibrations/ layer the foundations to the power of our partnership/
Between I and the Breath of air I first inhaled this Morning/ Opportunity and aesthetic, reluctantly voiceless yet calling/

 uttering my name.
Yes, It is me/ connected with it/
Connected with life.