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By: Nondumiso Langa

Nondumiso Langa

Its Saturday morning (17th March 2012) 4:00 am, my roommate and I are still debating whether or not we are going hiking. That day after much deliberation, we decide to put our body weights aside (being voluptuous women and all) and venture into the unknown. Funny enough, I always wanted to explore that mountain. I have climbed three mountains already but this one proved to be something special.

After plenty of chanting and waiting, we finally begin our expedition. Excitement fills the air as the adventurous and brave few first years start the journey. The journey proves to be gruesome. The athletic, strong and flexible are separated from the weak. I am not ashamed to say I was one of those who were left behind and of course my roommate. We are only 30 minutes into the journey and we’re already starting to complaine. We want to give up but we keep reminding each other that it’s not about if we got there but when we get there. We start singing ” ha Modimo a le teng ha yo mathata” [when God is around, there are no problems] and we begin to shift our minds from the slopes, rocks and edges before us and we look at the destination. Luckily, we had “pastor” and three other guys pushing us beyond our limits. It’s amazing how many songs one sings in the midst of troubles. The bible says “there is no weapon formed against you that shall prosper”. “Nobody told me that the road will be easy, I don’t believe He brought me this far to leave me ” and my personal favourite “we go up and we never look back and we never give in and we headed away”.

Sometimes in life you are going to face challenges, prayer stops, complaining starts but no one can take a song away from you. No one should take your praise away. We take our own praise away. You need to look at your problem and say my JESUS is bigger than this problem. Even if you see no end in sight but ha modimo ale teng ha yo mathata. What is bigger than GOD? He says to Moses. HE is the I am . Psalms 23 says “even thou I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for thou art with me”. If Jesus ,knowing the circumstances ahead of Him, was able to humble Himself util death … Why can’t you? You who was bought at a high price?

I am proud to say  that even thou we were the last to arrive ,I got on top of the mountain and it felt so good. I must say the view is beautiful when you on top seeing the whole Qwaqwa. I was moved, almost to tears. As Christians, we tend to focus on the battles we face, how weak we are but let us shift the focus from the problem and focus on God. I have noticed that whenever I am going through a mighty trial, the pastors usually leave me a voicemail … lets face it, sometimes when a pastor comes to deliver a message, it’s either a missed call (you there physically but absent spiritually), call (you there physically and spiritually), voicemail (switched off spiritually and after sometime, switch on again and remember that sermon)  or message (you are changed spiritually). During that “voicemail” time, when I praise like I am in unison with angels and I can feel GOD in my midst because I am focused on HIM. My praise begins to open the doors and I get over the challenge and GOD definitely doesn’t just show up, HE shows off.

Happy to have reached the top, even though it was short-lived we had to go down another path … I was leading the pack now but I ended up slipping and I fell, yeah, I know it hurt a lot. Sometimes as Christians we get so caught up that we got over a challenge and our pride makes us loose our footing and we fall. The trusted friends say sorry with a smug smile on their faces and carry on with their journey. After falling, my pace decreased and I ended up being left behind walking alone. The “pastor” was gone, my roommate was gone, the strong boys too were gone … everyone was gone. I was in pain but I kept on walking, don’t know where my strength came from but when I reached the bottom of the mountain, I saw a sheep tied to a tree. It was speaking to me. I remembered the story of Abraham and Isaac that GOD substituted Isaac’s life for a sheep. I remember that GOD is a good Shepard and HE knows HIS sheep and HIS sheep know HIM (John 10:10). A still small voice said to me, I AM ALWAYS WITH YOU. My true partner in life in whatever situation I am facing, He never leaves me nor forsakes me and it is by HIS love that I am consumed. Lamentations 3:22.

Nondumiso enjoying a goood hike!